Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About The Craft House

Hello everyone! I am Jennifer, and I run The Craft House. I am a very crafty-hearted person, but I do not have the talent of being able to design my own hand-made goods, so I take direction from other people and their ideas and tutorials (tutorials are loved, so if your blog offers them on fun crafts and projects, comment on of my main blog posts about your blog!

The Craft House started out as Budget Friendly Blob Awards. The idea was that this site would showcase the hand-made goods of blogging artists. You can even see the oh-so-horrible awards that I created and couldn't give away to save my life. So, that lasted about a month and I grew very tired of it. I decided that change was in order, and so change happened.

Technically, The Craft House is still under construction. The layout has been changed, new advertising and featured buttons have been created, organization has been installed, but there is just so much more to do! I am still operating on the URL for BFBA, so I need to come up with a new one. I also am redesigning my actual posts. Currently, I post just three kinds of posts: Giveaways, Deals, and Posts of the Week. I need more content, do you have any ideas?

So, basically, The Craft House transformed from a bad awards idea to a lets-just-show-everyone-off blog.

It could be worse!