Sunday, November 1, 2009

Posts of The Week -- Oct. 25, 2009 through Oct. 31, 2009

October 25th

*Look of shock on face* Oh my goodness! It is something not Halloween related! If you would like to learn how to quickly make a stocking, then this sweater stocking tutorial is for you! Head on over to Lifeingrace to find out how to make them!

October 26th

Yum, yum, yum, yum. English Toffee, 'nuf said. Check it out over at The Idea Room!

I am in love with this piece of art! What could be easier then painting fabric? Check it out over at Mariposa Avenue!

Check out these adorable Trick-or-Treat Mini Bags! Are that not adorable? You can find the tutorial for them over at Sew-Fantastic!

October 27th

 Everyone say it with me... Awwwww! How cuuuutteee! Learn how to make this adorable Vampire Bat Softie over at Silverbug Studio Creations!

These garlands are perfect for Halloween! You can find the pattern for all three (bat, candy corn, and ghost) over at Designing Moms!

This isn't a tutorial, just more for inspiration. They are intended to be ribbon boards/bow holders, but the design and ideas can be used for memo or inspiration boards as well. Find these and more at Spirit of Giving! Also check out this page for more boards from Spirit of Giving!

October 29th

I love this cute blankie and beanie set! The ribbon ads an extra-cute touch! To learn how to make this (step-by-step, I assure you non-crocheters like me), head on over to A Featered Nest!

October 30th

This cute Trick-or-Treat tote bag is really cute (and also teaches you how to make them whether for candy-collecting or not)! You can find this tutorial over at Nap Time Crafts!


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