Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Huge Change

Hello my three followers (literally!!),

I realize that I am not posting here at all anymore, but I promise that will change, eventually. (: I am officially releasing this blog to my personal blog account (see Blogger profile here).

I am currently in the process of applying to colleges and working on my senior year of high school. I am very, very busy with little time for something so time-consuming as this particular blog.

In the future, I hope to bring to The Craft House a new layout, better organization, and a more defined description of what exactly I want TCH to be.

If you can just hold in there a bit, I think I could probably get it down in a few months. After college acceptance/rejection letters have been received, decisions have been made, and plans are in action, that is. Once things calm down a bit for me. (:

In the mean time, feel free to go visit two of my other blogs:
The Pages of My Book (my personal blog)
A Girl That Reads (a new, less traumatizing adventure into book reviews for teenage girls)

See you guys soon!