Thursday, October 29, 2009

Desk Makeover

Editing, and bringing back to the top, for Fireflies and Jellybeans' Show Us Your Stuff Party!


Welcome to the first post here at The Craft House that actually consists of me (Jennifer) doing something! I don't have pictures of the actual process of making over the desk, but I have before and afters! The next project will definitely have between pictures!

I needed a desk, desperately, and so I hit garage sales and Craigslist in the hope of finding one on the cheap side! I lucked out and found one for free that was hand-made by the old owner completely of wood, not the fake crap that stores sell claiming it as furniture. The desk had it's issues, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

The second picture is what the "legs" of the desk look like at the bottom. I think it is a pretty, feminine design. Needless to say, the chipped paint would need to be fixed.

I got all of the supplies that I needed at Lowes for about $60. That included the paint, primer, sand paper, brushes, and paint stripper.

I later bought new hardware for the desk, I found seven knobs at Lowes for $20.

After hours of stripping the paint, sanding the wood, priming and painting the desk, and finally replacing the drawer knobs, here is how it turned out:

I love it! I did have an issue where the paint took forever to dry completely to where things sitting on top of the desk didn't pick up paint when taken off of it. So, now, the top of the desk could use a touch up.

The is one other thing: the previous owner had a child who apparently loved stickers to the point that they decorated the inside of the drawers... all seven of them.

Is there a way to cover them up? As you can see, the stickers are on the on the inside bottom of the drawer as well as the inside "walls" of the drawers.

Overall, I loved this makeover!

My next project will probably be the dresser found in this post as per the suggestion of Megan from Megity's Handmade.


fawnda said...

Very cool! I love the new hardware... isn't it amazing how new hardware can dress up a piece of furniture!

I bet you could put some contact paper in the drawers to cover up the stickers...Or you could Mod Podge scrapbook paper over them.

fawnda said...

Oh, and - Thanks for linking!! : )

Sara said...

Fantastic job on the desk! The hardware really gives it a whole new look.

I bet you could do something with scrapbook paper for drawers.

Diane @InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Jennifer -

I have read that if you love the color purple, you must have been of royal blood in a past life. I am not sure about that, But
I just love the color and all shades of it. Your desk must be a very happy place to sit at.