Saturday, October 3, 2009

Teenagers Bedrooms? HELP!

I need your guys' help! I need any and all ideas you guys know or have heard of for decorating a teenager's bedroom. The walls cannot be painted because of where we live, but I would still like to decorate. We are transferring apartments to allow each kid a bedroom. These pictures are of the current bedroom shared by two kids. The apartment we are transferring too has a bit of a smaller bedroom for each kid. Please ignore the giant mess... teenagers.

Moving in, we knew that it was only until the bigger apartment opened up, we just did not know when that would be. As you can see, the art of temporary living has been mastered.

For this project, we will be focusing on one bedroom particularly. Here is the furniture that I have to work with currently:
Desk and Chair (P4)
Bookcase, Tubs, Crate, and Small Rug (P5)
Crate and Tub (P6)
Twin Bed (P7)
Dresser (P8)

Everything is mismatched, but it is what I have.

The closet in the new bedroom is two doors wide that slide. I am removing them and their tracks in order to hang a fabric door, please leave any tips or suggestions you have on how to do that!

Here are the fabrics that are/will be in the room so that you know what the color scheme is:

I will gladly take any decoration tips, tricks, suggestions, or tutorials. Re-purposing ones too!

Thank you!


Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Jennifer, Never underestimate the power of paint! It's the best way to unify everything. Paint the dresser, desk and bookcase all to co=ordinate with each other. Your bedspread is superfun so have fun with the bright colors. You get to have neutral walls so the furnishings can steal the spotlight. Looks like fun girl! I'd love to see the afters!

Jennifer said...

@Megan -
I did repurpose and paint the desk, I only wish I would have had before and after pictures for it! It was sanded, primed, and painted. The hardware was also replaced. I am going to need to get a new bookcase for the bedroom because this one can't be painted due to being a cheap, fake wood frame.

The dresser itself can't be painted as well (jeez!) because it is a family heirloom being held for the next generation. I could, however, take a very small paintbrush to the detailing on the drawers and the mirror! Thank you very much for that idea!

I just realized I have an old e-mail from the seller of the desk that has pictures of what it looked like before! If you'll excuse me, I had a blog post to write! :D

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Since painting is out of the question, you may want to try a project I posted about a few months back. It is quick and inexpensive too.

Use regular craft store ribbon and liquid starch to adhere the ribbon to your walls. You can create stripes (like I did) or come up with your own pattern. When you are ready to move, simply tug on the end of the ribbon to remove. There is no damage to the walls.

Here is a link to the project.

Let me know if you try it, I'd love to hear how it turns out.