Sunday, October 18, 2009

Posts of The Week -- Oct. 11, 2009 through Oct. 17, 2009

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Okay, we're going to change it up a little bit this week. I realize that my usual way of presenting the posts of the week doesn't give as much credit to the artists as it should, so I will be organizing the posts in a way that better shows them off! Let me know what you think!

October 11th

Learn how to re-purpose a normal decorative star in order to create this fun, colorful Halloween decoration at Megity's Handmade!

October 12th

These fun oven mitt are adorable and seem easy enough to make! Learn how over at The Idea Room!

This sweet-as-pumpkin trick or treat bag was made from a bandanna! I could easily see myself altering the instructions to make a sturdy tote bag from some of my rock concert bandannas! Check out how to make this at Fireflies and Jellybeans!

October 14th

Have you ever had one of those weeks where the weather is getting to you and you stuff a bunch of tissues in your purse for the constantly runny nose and watery eyes, but then they are ruined by the lipstick that exploded in the bottom of your purse? No? Maybe it's just me then. Well, if you are one of those people, or you think Kleenex travel tissue packages are ugly, then you are going to want to check out this How to Make a Travel Size Tissue Holder for your Purse tutorial over at Fireflies and Jellybeans!