Monday, October 26, 2009

SYHO Customs Prize Received!

As you may know, I won my first giveaway last week (see here and here). Well, I checked Saturday's mail tonight and found that the package arrived from Missy (SYHO Customs)! I ordered the above gorgeous ornaments as well as a hard copy of a rounded-toe stocking pattern and instructions.

I love, love, love what I got. Missy even through in a couple of extra gifts!

I love this! The shades of purple and green are beautiful (and purple happens to be my favorite color!).

This isn't the best picture, but this is very cute and I am using it as a bookmark for a book that is taking 3+ years to read!!

So, that is what I got, I think that is pretty awesome. I definitely recommend Missy's Etsy shop, SYHO Customs. I had my order exactly one week after ordering it!

Have you won a giveaway recently and received the prize/s? Share your loot in the comments below! :)